Дата выхода? когда выйдет аниме блич 367 серия

Дата выхода? когда выйдет аниме блич 367 серия

  1. Говорят когда закончат выпускать наруто возьмуться за блич. вот статья http://hdrezka.me/qa/kogda-vyydet-367-seriya-seriala-blich-229.html
  2. Никогда.
    Аниме Bleach уже три года как завершено и в нем 366 серий (плюс овашки и полнометражки). Сериал не будет возобновлен, ровно как не будет и продолжения.
    Смиритесь с этим. Хотите знать, что было дальше — читайте мангу.
  3. Закончат с манга блич перейдут к сериям в аниме они нехотят филеры выпускать как в наруто скоро закончат с манга вроде как стати лайки
  4. Bleach Anime Returns? Expect A 2015 Release Once Manga Finishes

    Ichigo as he appears in the Bleach manga
    The Bleach anime stopped production in 2012 with the end of Fullbring arc. But, with the final arc in the manga approaching its conclusion, the return of Inchigo and his friends will happen in 2015.

    Plenty of fans of the Bleach manga and anime noticed the quality of the story declined once Aizen was defeated back in season 14 of the anime.

    With the plethora of filler arcs taking up time for writer/artist Tite Kubo to get far enough ahead of the show, the enthusiasm for the anime seemed arduous at best but with this final arc of Bleach the quality has picked up immensely and there has been renewed demand to see how Ichigos story ends.

    If you havent been keeping up with the Bleach manga, then you are missing out. Ichigo and the other Shinigami are under attack by the Quincy King Ywach and his Wandenreich. Having dispatched the Captain Commander of Soul Society, the Quincy have pretty much taken over the Shinigami homeworld.

    While Ichigo and the other prominent Soul Reapers have made major progress in the war with the Quincy, the Ywach has another sinister plan up his sleeve, to kill God.

    While Aizen previously tried to gain access to this universes God, Ywach has slipped into the God realm and is close to fulfilling his plan.

    This entire arc of the Bleach manga has been excellent. While focusing on some of the minor characters of the story, Tite Kubo has really found his footing to great storytelling once again. Giving some closure to some character arcs and giving others some major power ups Kenpachi finally released his zanpakuto!

    All of this will really up the popularity of Bleach again, which was arguably one of the most popular animes in the world up there with Naruto and One Piece. Its understandable that the production studio wanted to slow things down so that Kubo could put enough space between the anime and manga, but they should be going into production again soon.

    With where the current arc is in Japan, the final chapter of Ichigos story should occur sometime at the end of 2014 and the latest in the first quarter of 2015. So expect news of the Bleach anime returning during the holiday season. Its going to happen, its just a matter of time.

    Requests for comment from Pierrot Studios the production studio behind Bleach have not been answered but we will post any update as soon as we get it. It would be a shame if Pierrot Studios pulls an Inuyasha and doesnt animate the end of Bleach till years after it actually finished.
    Вот нашол кое что

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